Mahsa Soroudi – Artist OTW

It was pretty interesting hearing what she had to say about Iran. The way that the media portrays things they make it seem as if it is extremely conservative, etc… But hearing her discuss how Tehran is booming with the art culture rapidly growing and galleries opening up. It’s nice to hear that.

I found the way she compared her entire life to something like a plant and in every aspect she has ways that she can relate back to it. Especially the way that it inspires her actions and how to live and learn to love and enjoy living in Southern California. The way that she uses plants slowly growing larger and larger as an analogy of her growing her life in California, almost starting over here without knowing anyone, but never forgetting where her roots are and where she comes from. In a sense it’s kind of sad, she left Iran wanting more and it almost seems that she’s not happy with the choices that she made and misses where she’s come from.

I liked the concept she had of 7500 miles because it brings to light the social and artistic movements that are occurring in Iran. For the most part, the only news that we get is from mainstream media and often dealing with the large scale controversies and negativity. What I like is that it brings a way to personally connect with these people almost half way around the world and talks a bit about them and the work that they are creating!


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