Extra Credit Assignment

  • 3 Favorite Activities
    1. Street Photography
      • This was by far my favorite activity. I liked that it forced people to go outside and walk around (Something that people rarely do in a city without mass transit). Additionally, you end up interacting with people whom you never really would on a daily basis.
    2. Art Museum Exhibit
      • This was my second favorite activity. I really enjoy viewing contemporary art (MOMA, LACMA, The Broad, etc…) so having the opportunity/responsibility of going to an art museum and walking around and taking photos was great. I really enjoyed the “Under The Table” installment at The Broad. Another personal favorite was the Warhol gallery. Always have been a huge fan so it was awesome getting to see his work in person.
    3. Landscape With A Corpse:
      • I liked this activity because compared to many of them where we express art outward, this activity was extremely internally focused and you got to touch a bit on your inner self, feelings, fears, etc… Unique activity.
  • 3 Least Favorite Activities
    1. Fiber Wall Hanging Activity
      • Easily my least favorite activity. I felt that this one was extremely biased toward the female demographic in this class and although I made something that I could utilize to hang skateboards, did not find this one useful or interesting.
    2. Sketch With A Garden
      • I enjoyed the whole aspect of getting out and being active and seeing nature, however this one was difficult. I wasn’t a fan of this one because not everyone was/is around gardens to make this activity happen. I was in the middle of the woods in Montana so I had to walk through thick woods to find flowers (resulting in dozens of bug bites).
    3. Automatic Drawing
      • Had an extremely hard time and got quite frustrated with this activity. Due to the fact that you need to let your subconscious take over and you need to rely on others, it led to some laughs but eventually a headache trying to get this done. I understand the concept of the activity, however the execution (on my end) was far from good.
  • Slack
    • At first I wasn’t to sure about slack and whether or not I would like it, however after using it for a few weeks I started to appreciate it because of how easy it is to use. The only gripe that I have about slack is that unless you actively remember to keep posting on it through out the week, people (like myself) who are incredibly busy everyday easily forget to make posts, which hurts your grade.
  • Useful
    • I really did enjoy the activities and the Artist OTW. I learned quite a few different activities that would be considered art and learned about multiple artists that I had no clue existed. Opens up your eyes to new styles, personalities and niches that these artists have created. The only thing that I was not a huge fan of was the Art Talks. Mostly because at times the topics we discussed were not the most exciting era’s of art. When I say that, many of them were interesting but not overly exciting. That said, the use of those three components of the class was really effective.

Thanks for the summer!




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