Wall Hanging

So due to the lack of material that I had around my house, I kind of improvised with this art project and created something that includes fiber and something meaningful to me to create a hanging piece of art. This project seemed to be a bit more inclined toward the female students in our class so I decided to do something that may be more simple, but is functional and something I will use and look at daily.


I utilized paracord, which is a heavy duty but flexible yarn that is used for camping and backpacking to create a hanging mount to hold the skateboard. That skateboard is special to me because I own a 2002 (the same type of car on the board) and I actually worked hand in hand with the artist to create this line of skateboards that he made. I know this isn’t exactly what the directions asked for, but there really are no set rules in art! Ha ha! I’ve wanted to create something like this for some time to hang on my wall and this weeks project fit that description perfectly.


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