Vanessa Blaylock

This weeks Artist OTW was unique.. Haha. I’ve never considered Avatar characters to be considered art, but because this class is meant to open your mind and eyes about the possibilities of art I decided to try and amerce myself in her work with no judgements going into it. Although she does create very unique and detailed avatars, I was not overly inclined to feel that her avatars are considered art. This may be due to my outlook of art mainly being physical and something that is tangible that you can see the brush strokes and paint marks, as well as digital art that integrates graphic design with paint on canvas. However, Vanessa’s work is just a tad bit to out there for me.

Like this is one of her avatar video’s she has done and its extremely difficult for me to view this as art, I don’t mean to sound cynical at all however I just don’t get it lol. It reminds me more of a video clip from the Sims game than an art piece. I am curious though to see the progression of multimedia and technology being implemented into artwork. It’s inevitable for it to happen with how dependent we are on technology. Overall, this week’s artist was kind of a flop for me, but hopefully she keeps doing what she is doing creating avatars for her own enjoyment and the jobs she was hired on for.


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