Street Photography

Because taking photographs used to be one of my passions in life, it would be hard to find me not holding it or walking around taking photos of things I see everyday. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to travel to multiple countries (good majority in Europe) which led to thousands of photos being taken during that time. I decided to take four images I have taken through out my travels and discuss them a bit in depth! Below each photo I will post a short written piece on them.

Polar Opposite Lifestyles – Prague

While in Prague I was walking around town with my sister when I saw a younger guy standing there in an in depth conversation with a hari krishna, naturally that stopped me in my tracks because they are living such opposite cultures and lives that it needed to be photographed. Originally I was going to put their faces in the image as well but decided there really is no need for that, because it’s not the individual themselves, more so the difference in cultures between the two strangers having a conversation.

IMG_1982 copy
Standard Transportation in Mexico

Last year I went down to Rosarito, Mexico just south of the border for a surf trip with some friends and on the way down to the surf break where we would be surfing/camping I looked out the window and saw this family cruising down the highway. Thinking it was pretty hilarious I pulled out my camera and started photographing it. The mother looked over and saw me, hence why she covered her face. It made me stop and think a bit about how fortunate of lives we live and the struggles others face on a daily basis.

People Watching in Amsterdam

A few years back I traveled back to Europe with my family and spent a good majority of time in Amsterdam. While this was taken I was sitting at a coffee shop across the canal eating a sandwich and people watching. I looked up at some point and saw this gentleman sitting on his window sill, smoking a hand rolled cigarette doing the same thing I was. He was people watching the bustling and busy streets below. He never saw me or knew that I was taking this photo, but it is one of my favorites that I’ve taken because of how cool he was while not even trying to be.

Welcome To The Redlight District – Amsterdam

This photo doesn’t need much explaining. During the day the Redlight District is closed down and relatively empty, but come night time is a completely different story. I left my family after dinner one night and just walked the streets with my camera to see all of the weird, wild and raunchy things going down. This specific building was unique because it was almost like a theatre that had a bed on stage. People would pay to go watch two others have sex. I personally didn’t go in (had no interest) but watching the couples and people going in was wild. Definitely had about 20+ girls in the windows try to pull me into their room, but I know better. Haha…


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