Street Photography – Artist OTW

Out of the four artists that were discussed for this weeks Artist OTW, I would have to say that my favorite of the four is Garry Winogrand. There are a few things about his style of photography that really stand out and make him unique. One of the big things that I really like was his commitment to only shooting in black and white for street photography. The high contrast and lack of color gives a dramatic feel to his shots. Secondly, the time era that he was taking photos in was generations ago so it is pretty cool seeing all of these individuals dressed almost formally, but that was the normal at that time. Totally different from todays society. For example the image that I will be posting below is so unique in the sense that at first glance you would expect them to be small children, yet they are two baby chimpanzees dressed in human clothing casually being carried through New York City.


In my opinion for next semester you should really put Brandon Stanton down for this activity as a Artist OTW. He is the created/founder/curator of Humans of New York. What separates Brandon’s work from millions of other photographers is he will have in-depth and life conversations with every single individual he photographs and learns something personal about them, their life, struggles, successes, etc… He brings a very real and emotional connection to each person, making his work that much more meaningful.


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