Janet Cardiff

The great thing about art is that there truly are no rules and if there is meaning behind why a certain thing is created how it is, it could be considered art. And in this case Janet Cardiff has done that in a way that not many if any other artist has done, using sound as the main channel of communication to create her works. Something that is unique about her is the use of many (sometimes up to 40 speakers) at one time all playing different sounds/tones to create a musical art piece that takes its audience through small journeys. Every artist we have discussed so far this term have all relied on the audience using their eyes to portray the message, but in this case Cardiff has a completely separate tactic by using just sounds and your ears (often times closing your eyes) so that you can truly soak in and appreciate her work. When going online and researching her I found this video that gave me mixed feelings, but strong ones at that. It’s a POV video recording the view she see’s with her iPhone while in a train station and she takes you step by step through each scene describing what she see’s, how she feels and what is going on around her. Usually with art I like being able to form my own opinions and not be told/forced to conform, however, in this case it is appropriate because you look at the world through her eyes and are getting a deeper and more personal connection with her. I will post the video below if you have not already seen it so that you can watch it as well and form your own opinions of her approach in this.


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