The Broad Museum

Under The Table (feat. Me)

This was my first time visiting The Broad and I can honestly say that it was one of my personal favorite’s in regards to museums that I have been to besides LACMA. I liked that all of the exhibits and galleries were very open and flowy so you can easily move from one exhibit to another. Another thing that I enjoyed about it was that there was a VAST array of modern art from very contemporary paintings, to sculptures, to movies to large installments like the image of myself standing Under The Table. Overall, it was a really good experience. However I was pretty disappointed that I was not able to see the Infinity Mirror Room. I got to The Broad at 10:30 thinking there would be no line and was shocked that it was almost 12:00 before I was able to go in and when I went to sign up to get a spot in line for the exhibit it was over a three hour wait. Hopefully i will be able to go back soon and get there earlier just to ensure that I get to see the room before it moves. Below I will compare and contrast the two art pieces.

Campbell’s Soup – Andy Warhol
I…. I’m Sorry – Lichtenstein

In my opinion these two pieces have very little in common besides the fact that they are paintings. In regards to the Andy Warhol piece “Campbell’s Soup”, the painting was MUCH smaller than I had anticipated and smaller compared to Lichtenstein’s painting. In addition the lines are very straight and geometric and representational of a Campbell can of soup. The color’s were very straight forward being red, white and black for outlining and seemingly had a smooth texture from what I can remember.

On the other hand Lichtenstein’s piece “I….I’m Sorry” had a smooth texture, but had what appeared to be almost dots through out a good portion of this piece and others similar that were in the art gallery next to it. This piece was my favorite one of the show because I have seen it online many different times, however have never had the opportunity to see it in person. I was pretty surprised when I saw the size of the painting because it was a good 3-4′ tall and 2-3′ wide! The shapes/lines in this piece are more flowy and natural because it is representing a woman crying with trees and nature behind her.

Below I will upload more photographs I took of pieces through out the gallery:

Under The Table – Therrien
Elvis – Andy Warhol
Flag – Jasper Jones

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