Landscape With A Corpse

This activity kind of hit home for me in a personal and not entirely warming way. I’ve dealt with Chronic Depression for the past 8-9 years that have taken me into some pretty serious places and landed me in the hospital for a small amount of time, but when reading the prompt of the assignment I decided that I was going to deal with those demons head on (Disclaimer: I am doing much better now and have no bad thoughts about hurting myself anymore), so I decided to take a darker than usual turn with this assignment. For legal reasons I could not really go to an outdoor location with crowds due to the fact that it is a real firearm, however I felt the indoor ambiance and layout portrays people who unfortunately are in those down moments and may do something drastic. I laid out the scene as if I were sitting at the table drinking alone and smoking cigarettes pondering and contemplating life, eventually saying enough is enough and taking a drastic action. I’m not entirely sure if this is what you were looking for in regards to this project, however I felt that this approach was one pretty unique and different from what other classmates may have done and because it is something that has been a personal battle (depression and suicidal thoughts) in the past, I found it fitting to use this theme for the assignment. And as an additional disclaimer, I still deal with depression but am no where near where I was in regards to needing treatment or even being concerned about harming myself. IMG_1395IMG_1392


2 thoughts on “Landscape With A Corpse

  1. Beautiful work Niko. Even more than the gun, the shiny bullets give it a chilling quality.

    It’s interesting that for a lot of your classmates this was either their Most Favorite, or Least Favorite, Activity of the class – either way, it definitely hit home for a lot of the class.

    I hadn’t really thought about how this activity might resonate with a student dealing with depression. Over the semesters I’ve had a few students who struggled with depression, or bipolar, that I know of, and no doubt others that I didn’t know about.

    Do you think this activity might be problematic for someone dealing with depression?

    When a student writes, “oh, this activity is so awful, I never want to think about death” I tend to thing that since death is an inevitable part of life, that maybe we should think about it a little. But someone dealing with depression might be a completely different situation. It’s always been my policy that if someone is uncomfortable with an activity, they can do an alternate activity instead, but perhaps I should make that option a little better known.

    Thank you Niko.


    1. Thanks Professor!

      I thought the bullets, alcohol in cigarettes could potentially help set a certain tone that was relevant for this activity. I honestly do not think that it’s problematic for students with depression, I just used the opportunity to bring light to a health issue that is often overlooked. I would not be that concerned about alternative activities though, possibly at the beginning of the semester mention it so that people may contact you directly. But in my situation, it was not an issue for me completing the assignment.

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