Instagram Activity

Well so far this has been my favorite activity we’ve done! As I type this I am up in the mountains near Mammoth Lakes sitting around camp about to go on a hike. Many of the photos I posted are from the exact area that I am currently at! Many of the photos I posted were landscape pictures and of the scenaries that are in the mountains. But looking at our groups hashtag it was cool to get a small insight into people from our classes lives! Something that I noticed was that many of the classmates posted photos from their daily lives. I found one classmate post photos of rock climbing which was cool because I rock climb often outdoors and at the school rec center. I also noticed that many of our classmates were taking advantage of the hot weather and spending their time at the beach which is definitely a good play. I enjoyed this activity because it allowed personal freedom to post things you find interesting and a way to relate with classmates! Hopefully we will have more activities the rest of this summer that allow for us to connect with classmates in an open and prompt free environment.



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