Marina Abramovic

About 2-3 years ago I had come across a video (unknowing that it was Marina Abramovic) which showed her at one of her performance art pieces in which she sat there looking down and anyone was welcome to sit in the chair, and once they did she would look up and stare at them in the eyes. In that video a man came and sat in that chair and when she looked up you could see the shock in her face and she began to tear up and quietly wheep without making a noise. It turned out that man was one of her past lovers she had not seen in decades. Well when going through the slack discussion I came across the same video again!!! I found that made the video much more interesting after learning a bit more about Marina and her work as a performance artist, and especially more so due to the story about her ex lover and her, ending their relationship at the Great Wall of China. I’m curious to know if that same man was the one who came up and surprised her. I do enjoy her work a lot and how vulnerable she allows herself to become do to the physical dangers she puts herself while doing those installment performances. What I want to know is why she routinely cuts herself in her pieces and if it is a way to release stress, emotional pain or something else that was troubling her during her time as a famous artist. Overall she has a very unique take on art and will continue to search out her work.


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