Garden Sketch – Activity

I enjoyed this week’s activity for a few different reasons! Firstly, because it involved drawing, and even though I’m not the best artist or at drawing I do enjoy being outside and attempting to draw things! Because I am still up in Montana and their is nothing around (when I say nothing, I mean the nearest gas station and store is 45 minutes away) I was limited to conventional gardens, so I took a different approach at this activity! I went out into the woods and walked around looking for wild flowers and other plants that create natural, nature made gardens! While drawing, I did attempt to draw just looking at the flowers/plants and not constantly look at the piece of paper while I did it. Definitely tricky but I started to get the hang of it near the end! Almost ALL of the flowers and plants I photographed and sketched were all wild flowers, but they are just as beautiful if not more so than the ones that people plant in gardens. I enjoyed this activity because it really made us (more so in my case) get outside and just go for a walk and get lost in the woods for a little while!

Wild Flower
Tree Branch – Abstract
Wild Plant – Abstract
Unknown Wild Flower – Abstract (10x the size)
Wild Flowers
Wild Flowers
Wild Flowers in the reeds
Abstract – Branch
Abstract – Tall Grass
Abstract – Decaying Log



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