Francesca Woodman

In her short time on this world and as a famous artist, Francesca Woodman definitely carved out a small, yet lasting part of the art world and claimed it as her own. Something that is very unique about Francesca compared to other artists, is that her work does not really vary much. In a sense most if not all of her work that I have seen after researching her is shot in black in white, generally has some form of nudity (usually Francesca herself taking self portraits), has high contrast with long exposures leading to the ghosts in her photo, and usually have raw and almost depressing¬†emotion to them. Even after all these years, it still is unknown and highly debated as to what the meaning was behind her photos. Something that I’m going to go out on a limb and mention though is that there is possibly a chance that these themes and photo’s represented how she was feeling mentally and emotionally during the times leading up to her suicide. Her photo’s are unique in a way, but to me they are not as important or monumental as other artists we have covered because of the fact that they don’t have concrete meanings (in my opinion). However, the fact that they do not have specific meanings has probably kept her work in the spotlight for as long as it has, because they are open to interpretation. One thing that I do really enjoy about her photographs is the use of slow shutters to create the ghosts. Using slow shutters like this in settings that aren’t necessarily dark (such as light painting) is incredibly difficult, especially when you are shooting in film with the high possibility of the photos not coming out the way she intended. So in that sense I really do appreciate the technical skill needed to create this raw photos.


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