Graffiti Activity

Like I had mentioned in the Bomb It blog, I have been around graffiti my entire life whether it’s been looking at it or going with friends late at night and photograph them doing large scale pieces and the final results once they are done, but I have not had very much experience actually painting and doing graffiti. After drafting up a few different examples of my name, I finally settled on the sketch/design that is below and decided that I was going to use that! I’m currently up in the mountains in Montana, where the nearest town is over an hour away, so my access to resources is somewhat limited but I made do with what I have here haha! Also did not help that almost half way through outlining my name the can began to run out of paint so I really had to stretch it to complete the outline. Originally I thought that it was going to be extremely easy to do my name with a quick outline to make the letters “pop”, however it’s MUCH harder than it looks. I put the original sketch of my name next to the graffiti for comparison, but it was hard to really do it how I wanted because the only colors that were available to me were blue and brown (not the best color combination). Even though I always appreciated graffiti because of the aesthetic principle¬†of it, I respect it even more and the skills that is required to create large and intricate pieces.




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