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“Bomb that shit!!!!”. Graffiti in my opinion is one of the most unique forms of artwork because of its nature. It’s different than most forms of art because you are the artist, as well as the curator showing and displaying your work to the audience that walks by it daily and view it. I really enjoyed the comparison that one individual during the film made, saying that in a sense, graffiti is one of the oldest forms of artwork and discussed ancient/prehistoric humans using paint and spraying it against a wall to create designs. Unlike most art, which require more expensive materials and have some form of guidelines, graffiti is an absolute free-for-all in which you can spray-paint whatever you are thinking or feeling on a wall whether it be your name, a full tag, mural or random scribbles and zig zags. Although I am not exactly the most skilled with a can of paint, I can appreciate the hard work, creativity and risks that are involved in creating some of these large and intricate pieces. The photo below was an image that I captured a few years back when I went out one night with a friend who is a graffiti artist. After he created this mural on a local wall in San Pedro I took a long exposure of it lighting it up in a unique way. This film resonates with everything that occurred that night, because graffiti in itself can be very dangerous. While out tagging/photographing him we were confronted by gang members who thought we were going over there tags. A gun was drawn and threats were made, making the situation tense to say the least. Although I have been exposed to graffiti for quite a few years, one segment of the film that really stood out to me was the art that was done in Barcelona and how different it was compared to every other city shown. Rather than tags/names they created large scale art murals that incorporated many vibrant colors and positive themes. I envy their skills and would love to be able to create works of art like that one day.FullSizeRender


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