Automatic Drawing

This art project was definitely a bit more on the frustrating side of things. Prior to doing the art project, I had gotten off work and was driving to my parents house to do the automatic drawing with my younger sister. On my way there I ended up getting into a car accident (thankfully I was okay), but it put a major damper on my mood and nerves, to say the least. The experience itself was actually much more difficult than I was expecting, possibly due to the circumstances. When I closed my eyes I found it very difficult to relax , let go, and let our bodies do the drawing! Eventually we were able to complete the drawing and used multiple colored pens to give it a bit different of a visual experience, rather than just using a single colored pen or pencil. I feel like if things had played out differently earlier that day I would have gotten better results, or ones that look less stressful (haha). The lines were pretty jittery and all over the place, I believe that it’s due to the adrenaline that was flowing through my body at the time. Overall, I like the idea of the project a lot and the concept of letting go and letting two individuals bodies take over and create art subconsciously. I may try another go at it later this week if I have the time so that I can get another shot at creating automatic drawings, and if I do, I will be sure to post them up on another blog so that you can see the results!

Automatic Drawing
Hard to control the laughter

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