Plaster Activity at Seal Beach

Heading down to Seal Beach today to meet up with Professor Zucman and other students in the class was a great time. It was nice to put some faces to names and get to know other students. Overall the experience went well and was enjoyable, except for the fact that I accidentally had boughten non-sanded grout instead of purchasing plaster… As you can see from the photos below, the grout didn’t dry like plaster would have which was unfortunate. However, if I had boughten the correct material theres no question in my mind that the hand would have come out perfectly, because even with the semi falling apart grout, its still very clear what it is!

I personally have never done anything like this, because any art that I have had exposure to has been art theory and history courses and never getting into it doing it myself! The only way that I could really imagine applying this to my personal life would be much later in life, doing this with my kids as they grow up and show their growth through either hand size or feet. All in all, this was a fun experience even though it did not go entirely as planned.




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